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Bulldog Instructions

Diaper Rash Ointment- to protect wrinkles (if not infected) from moisture, also reduces redness
Benadryl "topical & oral"-allergic reactions or hives
Ear cleaner
Lemon juice (plastic real lemon) MUST HAVE!!! Quickly reduces foam buildup in the mouth or throat of a bully. CAN SAVE A BULLY'S LIFE if a bulldog over heats or becomes agitated.
Neo Predef-for hot spots
Anal thermometer
Baby wipes-to clean wrinkles daily (make sure to dry them after cleaning)
Vaseline or Vitamin E (liquid) -for a dry nose
Nail Trimmer- bulldogs tend to be heavy on their feet, it is important that their nails are trimmed regularly
Stainless steel dishes-plastic dishes can dull their noses and harbour bacteria
Pepto Bismol (tablets work best)-occasional diarrhea
Eye drops
Bag balm-for wrinkles